Achievements Register 2017


Congratulations to the following people:



Harry Pinder G-BHEN First Solo 02/01/2017
Rob Millinship G-BFMK Night Rating 08/01/2017
Aron Wright G-BHEN PPL Skills Test 20/01/2017
Josef Bardoczy G-BFMK First Solo 04/02/2017
Imaad Batha G-BKGW First Solo 06/03/2017
Richard Thexton G-FOXA First Solo 07/03/2017
John Burrows G-BHEN First Solo 11/03/2017
Tirth Patel G-BHEN First Solo 06/04/2017
Rush Keshwala G-BFMK QXC 13/04/2017
Tirth Patel G-BKGW QXC 02/05/2017
Graham Spowage G-BFMK First Solo 18/05/2017
John Anderson G-BHEN First Solo 28/05/2017
James Law G-BHEN AOPA Aerobatic Course 25/06/2017
Jonathan Mills G-BHEN QXC 08/07/2017
JoZef Bardoczy G-BFMK PPL Skills Test 08/07/2017
Sean Palfrey G-BKGW QXC 20/08/2017
Iain Bentley G-FOXA First Solo 29/08/2017
Simon Cleaver G-BFMK First Solo 01/09/2017
Anthony Michaelides G-BFMK First Solo 01/09/2017
Harry Pinder G-BKGW PPL Skills Test 18/09/2017
Matthew Williams G-BFMK First Solo 03/10/2017

 Apologies for any omissions. Please contact the club if you think you should be listed here.