Commercial Pilots Licence

Course Not Currently Availble

If you can already fly, but are thinking about taking on a new challenge, you may want to consider working towards a commercial pilots licence.

Applicants must hold a pass in all CPL or ATPL Theoretical Knowledge examinations and have logged a minimum of 150 hours flight time, with a recommended 70 hours PIC. A current Class 1 Medical Certificate, a UK FRTO Licence are required  as well as a Night Qualification or complete an extra 5 hours of Night Training during the CPL Course.

Course to Include:

  • 25 hours total training of which a minimum of 10 will be conducted on a complex single.
  • 10 hours Instrument Instruction
  • A 170A equivalent test with an examiner.


An applicant for a CPL (A) must have completed 200 hours of  flight time, including:

(a) 100 hours as PIC

(b) 20 hours of VFR cross-country flight time as PIC  including a cross-country flight totalling at least 540 km (300 nm) in the  course of which full-stop landings at two aerodromes different from the  aerodromes of departure shall be made

(c) 10 hours of instrument dual instruction time of which  not more than 5 hours is to be in an FNPT I / II or FFS

(d) 5 hours of flight time at night comprising at least 3 hours dual  instruction including 1 hour cross-country navigation and 5 solo take-offs and full  stop landings

(e) 5 hours of flight instruction shall be completed in an  aeroplane certified for the carriage of at least 4 persons and has a variable pitch propeller and retractable landing gear

(f) Part Med.A.030 states that a Class 1 medical certificate  is required for the holder/applicant of a CPL (A)

(g) Part FCL.055 Language proficiency states an aeroplane,  helicopter, powered-lift and airship pilots required to use the radio telephone  shall not exercise the privileges of their licences and ratings unless they  have a language proficiency endorsement on their licence in either English or  the language used for radio communications involved in the flight. The  Operational Level (Level 4) is the minimum required proficiency level for  radiotelephony communication

(h) Have completed an approved CPL (A) theoretical knowledge  course comprising at least 250 hours of instruction and passed the theoretical  knowledge examinations appropriate to the privileges of the holder of a CPL

An applicant holding a Course Completion Certificate for the  Basic Instrument Flight Module shall be credited with up to 10 hours towards  the required instrument instruction time. Hours done in a BITD shall not be  credited

Applicants with a valid IR shall be given at least 15 hours  dual visual flight instruction

Hours as PIC of other categories of aircraft may count  towards the 200 hours flight time for licence issue, in the following cases:

# 30 hours in helicopter, if the applicant holds a PPL (H)

# 100 hours in helicopters, if the applicant holds a CPL (H)

# 30 hours in TMGs or sailplanes

# 30 hours in airships, if the applicant holds a PPL (As)

# 60 hours in airships, if the applicant holds a CPL (As)