Flight instructor course

Pre–course entry requirements:


  • 30 hours of flight
  • 25 hours must be dual instruction
  • 5 hours may be mutual flying with another FI applicant

The ground training for the FI rating requires 125 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction to include:

  • 40 hours tuition
  • 78 hours teaching practice
  • 7 hours progress tests

Course Price:  £6,495.00

Membership for course duration

Price includes all Landing Fees and Instrument Approaches at Leicester.

This is a 4/5 week course before test. A deposit of 10% is required in advance to book the aircraft and FIC instructor. 

On satisfactory completion of the course the applicant must pass an Instructor Skill Test with Flight Instructor Examiner.

All inquiries via e-mail to the Chief Flying Instructor – Dave.Biddles@leicesterairport.com