Pitts Special S2A

If you’d like to book a Pitts Special Aerobatic experience flight, please contact us on 0116 259 2360 or email info@leicesterairport.com


About the Pitts Special
This two-seater aeroplane is perhaps the most famous aerobatic biplane of all time, this American design boasts awesome capabilities and never ceases to be a crowd pleaser at air shows around the world. Its amazing power to weight ratio and ability to pull face changing G forces will give you the most exciting ride of your life. The aircraft, powered by a 200hp engine has a maximum level speed of 203 mph, a roll rate of 200 degrees/second and G limits of +6g to -3g. You sit in-front of the pilot in this aircraft with a forward view between the wings in classic biplane style.

Up in the air you’ll be looping the loop, rolling, flying wingovers, cuban 8s and stall turns over the Leicestershire countryside for the aerobatics thrill of a lifetime. And you won’t just be a passenger on this experience – if you’re tempted you’ll be able to have a go at taking the controls of this wonderfully nippy aerobatic plane.


What’s included in your flight?
After a full pre-flight safety briefing and an explanation of the manoveures you will fly you’ll take to the skies for your aerobatic flight. After take-off your pilot will talk you through taking the controls yourself and flying the aircraft under their guidance. If you wish you will have the opportunity to fly the manoveures after the pilot has demonstrated each one perhaps working up to flying a sequence of figures as in an air show routine. Your pilot will provide a running commentary throughout the flight covering controlling the aeroplane and on local landmaks. The flight duration includes taxi, take off and landing time. At the completion of the flight you will be awarded a flight completion certificate as memento of an unforgettable experience.

When can I fly?

Flights are available all year round, weather permitting. If the weather is not good enough on the day we will notify you of the need to find an alternative date and will do our best to accommodate your availability.

Existing licence holders

If you already hold a pilot’s licence or are a student pilot then you can log the flight as time with an instructor.

Are there any limitations?

Maximum height is 6’2″. Maximum weight 14 stone. Minimum age is 16 years. You must be physically fit and in good health.  If you have any health concerns you should contact your GP before flying. Anyone under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to be with them on the day.

Can friends and family watch?

Spectators are welcome to watch you take off and land. The airfield has free parking and a clubhouse with bar and restaurant. Cameras are welcome to capture the participants exhilarating aviation experience from the viewing areas overlooking the runway.

What should I wear?

Full length trousers and ‘proper’ shoes please don’t wear any items with loose elements that could become detached such as scarves or jewellery. You will be asked to empty your pockets. If you have longer than shoulder length hair we’d ask that you tie it back. A headset will be provided for use during the flight.


A 30 minute flight is £240 and a 40 minute flight is £260.

To find out more or to book your lesson let us have your details below. We look forward to flying with you!